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See-Me Strobe/Light

See-Me Strobe/Light

The UST Marine Brand of SEE-ME™ LED RESCUE LIGHTS uses State-of-the-Art electronics that include a microprocessor to maximize brightness and function for the longest burn times possible. Lifetime LED bulbs are unbreakable and never burn out. See-Me Water-Activated Emergency Locator Lights and Strobes feature a faceted octagonal design that is easy to grip and use in wet conditions. Shatterproof and fungus-resistant globe and body make the See-Me light and strobe extremely tough and durable. Brightness and run time are microprocessor controlled to maximize visibility 

• Available in either Water-Activated/Manual or just Manual
• Fast activation in water (Water-Activated/Manual Models)
• Can be seen up to 3 miles away in complete darkeness
• Far exceeds USCG requirements for light output and duration
• Waterproof/Weatherproof/Impact-resistant
• ROHS compliant microprocessor-controlled electronics
• For use with lithium (5 year) or alkaline (1 year) batteries (not included)
• Available with lifevest clip and lanyard

See-Me Steady Light:
• USCG Approved/SOLAS compliant
• Lasts 3 Times Longer and Burns 2 Times as Bright as required by USCG and SOLAS
• Light Output 15 Lumens /1.6 candela (minimum requirement by USCG is .75 candela)
• Operation Time is 29 hrs (minimum requirement by USCG is 8 hours)

See-Me Strobe:
• USCG Approved
• Lasts 15 Times Longer and Burns 6 Times as Bright as required by USCG
• Light Output 45 Lumens /5 candela (minimum requirement by USCG is .75 candela)
• Operation Time 120 hrs (minimum requirement by USCG is 8 hrs) 

Our price: $30.00
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