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Ocean Safety ISO

Ocean Safety ISO
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Ships Haz/Mat from the UK .

The NEW OCEAN ISO 9650 Liferaft is manufactured in compliance with the NEW ISO 9650 European Regulation which will harmonize and bring the liferaft regulations of all the various countries of the European Community into line with a single standard.

The Ocean ISO 9650 Type-1 (Group-A) Liferafts are designed for open ocean navigation and as such are adapted for the risks associated with long voyages including high seas and heavy winds. This Group-A model is suitable for operating temperature -15 C degrees, through to +65 C degrees and is therefore ideal for long distance cruising, offshore voyages and racing yachts.

The Ocean ISO 9650 Liferaft is also compliant with the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Codes of Practice for use on charter yachts and coded vessels and is available with an optional built-in SOLAS-B equipment pack to fulfill this requirement.

Manufactured in accordance with the latest design criteria and offering the utmost in safety, stability and comfort, these liferafts are manufactured under stringent ISO 9001 quality management systems.

The structure is the result of proven design experience with a wide entrance facilitating easy access from the water and also aiding helicopter recovery from above. The Ocean ISO 9650 Liferaft also features a unique self deploying boarding ramp, together with a combined external and an internal boarding ladder that makes boarding the liferaft much easier.

Designed with a double insulated floor for thermal protection, the bottom and tubes of the liferaft are constructed in a high visibility dayglo yellow material for ease of identification should the liferaft capsize and the new high capacity 75L ballast bags ensure that the liferaft has the highest stability factor compared to any other make or model of liferaft.

To make location easier these liferafts are equipped with retro-reflective tapes on the canopy as well as an external lighting system, and an internal lighting system is also fitted as standard. The self erecting canopy includes a rainwater collection system as well as a closable ventilation / viewing hole.

The Ocean ISO 9650 Liferaft is supplied with an extensive emergency equipment pack that is safely secured inside the liferaft and is quickly and easily accessible even with wet or freezing hands. (see below)


All models in the Ocean ISO 9650 Liferaft range are hermetically sealed offering three year service intervals for both valise and container models, backed up by a manufacturers 12 Year warranty on fabric and seams.

MCA Code of Practice Vessels & Charter Boats

If an Ocean ISO 9650 Container Liferaft is used aboard a Code Of Practice Vessel or charter yacht, owners will also be pleased to know that this Liferaft has an exemption from the mandatory once yearly liferaft service that is required by the MCA on all other makes and models of liferaft when used on a Coded Vessel.

Under the MCA exemption any Ocean ISO 9650 Container Liferaft need only have its first service after 3-years, and then subsequently every three years after that.

Standard ISO Emergency Equipment Pack:

1 x Rescue Quoit & 30m Line
2 x Paddles
1 x Bailer
2 x Sponges
1 x Pump
1 x Repair Kit
1 x Sea Anchor & Line
1 x Whistle
2 x Waterproof Torch
1 x Signalling Mirror (Heliograph)
1 x Survival Instructions & Signal Card
1 x Floating Liferaft Safety Knife
6 x Anti Sea Sickness Tablets per Person
500ml x Water Per Person
4 x 75L Water Ballast Pockets
3 x Red Hand Flares
2 x Red Parachute Rockets
1 x Internal Lighting System
Retro-Reflective Tapes on Canopy
Rainwater Catching System on Canopy
Double Inflatable Insulated Floor
1 x Signalling Mirror
1 x Pack Sea Sickness Bags

Liferaft Dimensions: (Packed)

Size Length Width Height Weight
4-Man Valise 67cm 42cm 24cm 27kg
4-Man Container 71cm 49cm 23cm 33kg
6-Man Valise 74cm 44cm 25cm 35kg
6-Man Container 80cm 52cm 26cm 42kg
8-Man Valise 74cm 44cm 25cm 40kg
8-Man Container 80cm 52cm 26cm 46kg
10-Man Valise 85cm 45cm 26cm 46kg
10-Man Container 89cm 52cm 26cm 53kg
12-Man Container 89cm 52cm 26cm 56kg


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